Life, love, and work

Lately I feel like I have started blog posts with “it’s been a while.”

Welp, this one is no different.

A bunch of things have been going on in my life and heart since the last post and for sake of time, I’ll just update quickly. As my wise uncle told me on Friday night, my posts don’t need to be long and detailed all the time! Sometimes people don’t have time or desire to read a novella haha.

Adam is married! Oh happy day! It was an amazing event with so much family and friends this past Saturday. My mom’s extended family is quite massive and spread out across the states so we don’t get to see each other very often. Needless to say it was great catching up with some of my most loved and valued family this past weekend. It was sweet to be able to support my twin and be surrounded by so many loved ones to celebrate life and love!

I had the utmost pleasure getting to introduce and show off Lauren to my extended family, who (of course) absolutely love her. It was an extra blessing on top of my twin getting married for me to be able to have her by my side and connect her to some of the people who have prayed the most fervently into my future. We had such amazingly deep and real spiritual conversation with some of my uncles!

We had a two week vacation from work at the end of August which was full of travel and great times with friends. I went to Austin with the old crew (Adam, Scott, Raph, Danny, and Scott’s cousin Paul) to visit Raph who now lives there and to celebrate Adam getting married. Austin is a cool place with so much to do and such great food! The weather was pretty hot which was nice for ya boy too 🙂

The next week Lauren and I took a road trip to Chicago and stayed with one of her best friends from high school and her husband. We had an amazing time exploring the city as well as going to the beach (highly recommend doing in the summer) and just getting to be with and learn more about each other.

Looping back to this weekend, Sunday was Lauren’s birthday so we went to her parents beach house (!!!) and spent time with her Abuela and grandpa and two of her closest friends who live in NYC. It was a sweet relaxing time just celebrating another year of life and blessings and I was of course super happy to be there.

Work has already been so good since coming back from the break and I have in mind to post in length about this past Thursday’s events at some other time. I am so grateful and humbled to be able to come alongside God in the work that he is doing in the lives of his children in NYC!!


Aside from that I petition your prayers once again, this time mainly for Lauren and I. We need all the prayer we can get!! We need clarity and vision about moving forward into our future together and have been processing everything often. There are many parts that are uncertain but we feel that God has been blessing us over and over again! We know that we need to keep our eyes on Him and trust in his plan for us but as you all know, that can be hard sometimes. Most of all, we desire to do this right and know that the Enemy desires the opposite.

If we got a chance to catch up this past weekend, thank you! I cherished each conversation.

As always,

Mesi anpil!

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