The Minutiae

“God is in the details.”

This is a quote that I have said many times in my life and I truly do believe it. I have been witness to this fact; been in front row seats, so to speak, of God’s detail-oriented work in the lives of those around me as well as my own. We like to focus on the big miracles of our time and often overlook or ignore the seemingly small miracles that happen all around us every day. I am guilty of this too. I have taken things that God has done in my life and chalked them up to chance, or to my own abilities or those of my family and friends.

We need to check our spiritual eyes on the regular, if not daily, in order to calibrate ourselves with the work that God both wants to do and is currently doing in our lives. This is why daily connection with his Word is so important (again, preaching to the choir here..). I am guilty of this as well, if i’m feeling strong or “good” an any given day, my tendency is to rely on myself and thus miss what God is doing around me.

When we are weak, we can see his strength more clearly.

Some may think that they need to be “good” or “strong” in order for God to show up and do stuff in their lives and they couldn’t be more wrong. The most transformative work God does is in the lives and hearts of those who are desperately wicked and in need of saving *raises hand*. Dat me.

When we come to a place of repentance and recognition of our own sin, the clouds of pride and perfectionism give way to clearer pictures of his varied grace, mercy and undying love. In this state, it is easier to see the minutiae of God’s handiwork. It is said, “Good things come in small packages.” and I’ll take that one step further into the subject of God’s work. “God’s good things often come in the smallest of details.”

I’ll give you an example:

Last week I met with a middle-aged gentleman named Sean at the New York City Rescue Mission. He had come to our co-op for clothes but wanted to talk to someone about transitional housing as well as employment opportunities. I’m glad that I could be the one to meet with him and help. His gentleness juxtaposed his situation. He has been living in one of the most hard, violent, prison-like shelters in NYC for the past 11 months. When he told me where he was staying my jaw almost dropped. I couldn’t believe that he was still there and still unharmed. I knew instantly that God’s hands of protection were on this man and I told him that. Anyway, to make a longer story less long (cus I could talk about stuff like this all day), we talked about his situation and he does have a caseworker through the shelter so I wrote him a referral from NYCR to his caseworker for help with a 2010e application as well as housing. I then directed him to several employment agencies where he could send his resume (thankful that he had one!) and hopefully get the ball rolling on work. He let me pray favor over him even though he didn’t pronounce Christianity and he left with tears welling in his eyes. I prayed for him throughout the week as he had stuck out to me that day and wouldn’t leave my mind. One of our follow up care team messaged our team on Wednesday saying that he had touched base with Sean and had been informed that Sean accepted a job with the Department of Education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just needs to wait for the background check to go through and then he will start!

My heart is so overjoyed at this small step forward! This is not a “golden ticket” for Sean, this is not the end of his hardship. He is still living in arguably one of the darkest places in NYC. What little time I spent at that shelter during my resource visit a couple weeks into working was the darkest moment I’ve been through emotionally and spiritually in a while. Much work still needs to be done in Sean’s life in order to get him back where he should be. But that DOESN’T nullify or minimize God’s amazing work in his life! A victory is a victory, no matter how small! I’m blessed to be able to say I was in the front row seat for that one. Looking in on the situation from the outside, one may think who is separated from the situation that it’s JUST a small step and his life is still messed up and there’s sooo much that has to be done. They wouldn’t be wrong, but because I was open to the work that God had for me that day, I am able to bless his Name for the small ways he works.

Stories like this are far less common than they should be in the work that we do. Focusing on how God moves in small ways keeps us encouraged and striving forward in the work that he has given us. If we are only encouraged by the seemingly big miracles then our hope will often dry up and we will become discouraged.

Take time to look for “the small, precise, or trivial details” of God’s amazing work. You’ll likely be blown away by all that is going on around you when you finally can see it.

I hope this story encouraged you! It sure did me. Keep your spiritual eyes open and focused!


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