Un-compromising Myself

I have been compromising myself recently. I have slipped into apathy when dealing with habitual sins and as a result, I have been feeling sluggish and off over the past week or so. It’s time for a change.

I need to press that reset button and in doing so I am taking a 30 day social media (IG, FB) as well as cutting out white flour and sugar from my diet. The cutting out of food came from an increased feeling of apathy towards health and I’ve been convicted that I need to not only focus on building myself up spiritually but physically as well.

Today was the first day of no social media and so far it’s been alright. I have been largely distracted by work but there were several times during it that I found myself picking up my phone and looking at it for no reason.. because I no longer have social media! For those of you who know my personal struggles then you can imagine that social media exacerbates them. It has been a tripping point for me more than usual lately and that’s what has spurred this fast.

At first I told myself and my mens group that I would be committing to no social media after 10PM but one of my brothers pointed out that a cut off time won’t be enough, that it would have to be a total cut off of social media for a time to be able to reset. At first I didn’t want to believe him and started making up excuses and building myself and my own self-control up and telling myself I could do it with just this small correction.. welp.. that didn’t go too well either so here I am! I am man enough to realize when I am wrong and in need of help and so this will be my petition to you all to lift me up in prayer during these next 30 days! I covet them. I have failed over and over on my own and I need to hold fast to my Anchor but that won’t come easy. My tendencies, especially in the areas of my own sin, are to try and fight it by myself and mess it up again and again. I plan on doing more spiritual reading during this time as well as getting back into the habit of praying.

In all these things I need help. I don’t want to read more! I don’t want to pray more! I want to go on sinning in comfort! My pursuit for righteousness has been less than amicable and I wish to change that. I need to learn to run from my sin and to Him who has given and continues to give victory over it.

Aside from eating better, I also plan to go to the gym more often because I don’t take care of this body I’ve been blessed with enough.

This will be a time of sharpening,

of dying to self,

of pulling.

By His grace alone,


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