Consistently learning – constantly growing

I was inspired to start reading again yesterday by my buddy and coworker Sebastian. I picked up where I left off last year in Unlimited Grace by Brian Chapell and it came not a moment too soon. The chapters I have read in the past 24 hours have been no less than perfectly timed and placed when God knew I needed them.

I’m consistently learning about how to love others and love them in a way that points to the Gospel and the Ultimate Love of their lives. Grace plays a huge part in that Love. It has been just as beneficial to me as it has been to those who I cross paths with during our outreaches, if not more so. I’m learning about Grace so I can give others grace. I’m learning about Love so I can love others as He intends. Today as I am reading chapter 17, How to Apply Grace to Instruction Pt. 2, I can’t shake the feeling of divine timing in my life. There can’t be anything about this that is coincidence. Nothing can be out of place. I also am flooded with the feeling of, this is a time of stretching and growing for what is to come.

As God has been constantly growing me to become more of the man that He wants me to be, I am greatly reminded of his plan for my life. It’s not my own, it never has been my own, and it won’t ever be my own. It has taken me living in a different country to figure this out and even now I am still not fully aware of the grandeur of this plan. I’m just honored to be seen as fit for the Kingdom and for kingdom change in other people’s lives. I am so broken and in need of a Savior and yet that Savior is using me in my brokenness to point other broken people back to him?! Like wuuuuut..

I am fully convinced of this: that amazing things are being prepared for me, things that are too amazing to comprehend right now. I know certain people in my life are going to play pivotal roles in that future and I will have the privilege to walk alongside warriors for Christ. I’m honored to be counted among them.

My future is brighter than the sun, because it is based on and written by the Son.

Thank you all for being rocks in my walk with Christ.

I am the product of praying parents.

I am the product of grace that won’t give up.

Peace and blessings,


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