He’s Got the Final Say

What an emotional rollercoaster of a Saturday!

As those who know about Kevin (see previous blog post) know, I have been working with him since Wednesday trying to get him started on his new life in Florida.

I started the day checking my email at the office and seeing that this bus company that we had been trying to use to get a ticket down to FL hadn’t gotten back to me and the bus we had wanted to get a ticket for was leaving at 4PM today.. discouraging. So I checked with my supervisor in order to get a ticket from Greyhound because they are a known and trusted bus company and wouldn’t give us the go-around if we used them. Knowing that unconfirmed ticket purchases would be voided between 24-48 hrs from purchase from the previous company, he gave me the green light to buy another trusting that we wouldn’t be paying for the first one we tried to get. Ok, so I had a ticket with a confirmation number and even printed out an e-ticket to give to Kevin when he showed up in Harlem. As you may remember, I had given him directions to get to our outreach today and two one-way metro tickets so he could get there and then down to the bus station on the lower East side.

The day was dreary and wet and frankly, depressing. I don’t like wet weather when it’s under 75 and it was cold today. We spent the day serving and chatting and I kept a watchful eye out for the expected arrival of my friend. I was excited to give him this new ticket with a solid confirmation of the start of this new life that we both wanted so badly for him.

The day trudged on and still no sign of Kevin. I became increasingly more anxious that he wouldn’t make it before we left.

At the end of the outreach there was still no sign of him and as we packed up I couldn’t help but feel defeated. How could it come to this when I had provided the means to get back to us and receive what he needed to move on?

In a last-ditch effort to get Kevin on a bus to FL today, I emailed him with the ticket confirmation number as well as the new location of the bus station and time of departure, 9:30PM (it was different than the previous station/itinerary we had hoped to use.) As we start our drive back to base in Elizabeth, I am constantly checking my email in hopes that he would be able to use a library computer and get my message.

About 20 minutes later I hear the ping of a notification and it was an email from him!! Hallelujah! He had gotten my message!!! Aaahh I was so happy. He had gotten stuck in Long Island and said he had been waiting and hoping for an email from me. The new bus station location was actually close to where he was and he had ample time to get there as it wouldn’t be leaving for another 6+ hours!! I am amazed. God works in such strange and frustrating but beautiful and perfect ways. I then contacted his friend who is going to put him up in his house and give him a job and sent him the itinerary. Everything is set. In God’s timing. I now have the peace that my new friend will be starting a better life within the next 30 hours! SO HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!

Today wasn’t fun. The angst of waiting and hoping and the let down of what was visible held sway over me while I couldn’t think of what was invisible; the plans God had in the background. God truly is amazing.

I was reminded tonight of the sacrifices and plans that God had and has for his children. This story is just a minuscule taste of the salvation and renewal of life that God laid out in the sending and sacrifice of his Son. Like I’ve said before and will continue to say, I’m just blessed to be a part of it.

Thanks for all of you who prayed for this and please continue praying with me for safety over Kevin as he travels south and prosperity and renewal as he restarts.

Blessed Easter.


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