Please keep me in your prayers! I need them!

As I face down a mysterious future I am looking towards my Maker and Sustainer. I know that he has great things for me but I am in a position of waiting which no one likes, right? I recently took two days to fast in hopes that things would become a little clearer as to what he wants me to do with my life. Earlier this week I was convicted that I needed to go back to school and to do it full time which I hated, but I went forward with next steps and was going to do it. Over the past two days I have had peace about not going back to school full time. Now I know that I am an emotional person and I don’t want my emotions to dictate what I do. It is a possibility that I just hopped on board with a wise friend’s counsel and decided I didn’t need to return to school just because it appealed to my desire not to. It’s also a possibility that God is just not calling me back to school full time (which would be marvelous). I am in need of wisdom to understand what this “peace” is and if it is even peace from God.

Just a quick update about what’s been going on in my life..

Thanks for the continued prayers,


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