Giving Thanks

Today is a holiday that is dedicated to giving thanks. Although parts of its tradition have changed or been dropped over the years, the main aspect of Thanksgiving is still observed today. I feel like this holiday came in perfect timing for me this year, even though it does come at the exact same time every year haha. Ya know, God does that though; uses things that are already there in a new and unseen way to work on our hearts like never before.

My heart sure does need work though, in all seriousness. I have had a tough time accepting God’s will over my life several times before and I am sure that this won’t be the last; I’m a stubborn one all right. This holiday reminds me of everything that I have been blessed with, regardless of my unfilled desires. They say that thanksgiving and sadness cannot occupy the same heart and I believe that is true. Over the past couple days I have been trying to be thankful for what God has already given me and all that I’ve been blessed with instead of yearning after what I don’t have. My heart has definitely been in a better place because of it. It comes down to the selfishness of my heart: how I want my will over God’s, and I’m working on that by God’s grace.

I’m thankful for so much this year. As I get older and he matures me in understanding and all that, I can see clearer more of what God has done for me and how he’s done it. If I took time to write down everything, I would be here for too long haha. I am blessed and highly favored. Satan tries to have us take our eyes off of those realities and keep us down and depressed so that we can’t do all that God has called us to do! This is spiritual warfare that has been craftily designed to look like everyday problems. We need to focus on what God has done for us and continues to do for us every day instead of drowning inside our broken hearts and expectations.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends this year! Take some time to think and remember all that has been done for you, I guarantee it’ll be more than you imagined.

God bless,


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