So I came back to Jersey on Monday after a couple days in Florida. Re-entry and adjustments have been fairly easy over the past two years because every time it’s been just for a couple weeks or a month and them I’m back to Haiti. This time is a little different, as my mission has come to the end of it’s two years in Haiti and I won’t be returning (to work).

My time in Florida was blessed as I got to catch up with three friends, two of which I have missed dearly: Danny D and Ryan N. The third, Hank, was a gentleman I met years ago while interning in Haiti; he had come to serve with (and still does) his church. It was a blessed time as I got the chance to reconnect with old friends and talk about life and how God was working, all the while the weather was gorgeous!

The change started to set in when I came to Jersey and had time to sit and think.. it was weird; still is. It’s going to take a good amount of time to process and digest the past two years. There’s so much that I need to unpack (mentally, emotionally) and time is what’s needed in order to do that. Time and prayer will be my allies in this process. Aside from unpacking things, I am going to be on the lookout for jobs and service opportunities and such. I feel like, in part, I have to restart my life! God has provided for me over the past two years and I know he will in this time of transition.

Please be praying for several things for me over the next months:

That I would be listening to what God wants me to do.

That I would continually sacrifice my own will for His.

That he would give me clarity and wisdom in every-day decisions.

That I would step out of my comfort zone and try new things.


I look forward to giving updates as they come along!

God bless,


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