Looking upward|looking forward

As you probably know already, my time in Haiti is coming to a close. I agreed to give two years of my life working here with Foundation for Peace and those two years are done at the beginning of October! It’s crazy that it has been two years already.. Time is an interesting thing; days go by slow but months and years go by in the blink of an eye. It’s just one of the many mysteries we don’t understand about our world. Maybe we’ll understand it when we get to heaven? Who knows..

So I have a little more than a month and a half left until I return to the States(Oct. 3). Our last team left on Wednesday and we don’t have a team until Sept. 10th so as you can imagine I have a good amount of down time. It’s not the ending that I would have wanted for my ministry here (not working with groups much), but I believe that God is sovereign over everything and this is what I need even though I don’t know it. With the rest of my time here (FFP work aside) I hope to continue to better myself spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. There is such a certain type of quiet here in Haiti; even though it’s not a physical quietness, there is a sort of ease of focus. I find it much easier to pray here, easier to focus on things. I think that has to do with the lack of comforts this life has. For instance, in the states if I don’t have much to do I am playing video games. Here I can watch Netflix, but the weird thing is, often times it’s not as strong a pull to do those types of things. All that being said, I hope to continue to lay my life out before God and worship him each day for what he has done and will do in my life. I hope to grow in wisdom and discernment.

Aside from that, I wish to visit the DR one last time before I go as I am fond of the staff and country. It truly is a respite from the chaos of everyday Haiti. I feel at ease when I am there (not that I don’t when I am here, though) and enjoy the slower pace of life. I have some technology to take to one of the staff, Fania as well which is important. There was talk of going back up to the pine forest before I leave but I’m not sure if that is going to happen. That was such a beautiful and rugged experience and I hope to be able to return again.

As far as my future goes, many people have asked me, “what will you be doing when you get back,” to which I reply, “I’m not sure.” In truth I have little idea of what God will have me do starting this fall. The fact of this mystery hasn’t yet become unnerving and please pray that I continue to have peace about it until the door is made clear. I have said many times that I never wanted to live in Haiti in the first place, so if God provided for me here then I know he will provide for me in what he has next for me. I have been praying into my future for a while now, knowing that after these two years are up it’s just an unknown to me and I ask that you join with me in this. I have ideas and desires for my future but as we know, God is the one who orders our steps and he will never lead us wrong.

Please continue to be in prayer for me as I prepare to transition back to the US and search out all that God has waiting for me there, not just job-wise. I want to thank you all over and over as my sponsors and donors and prayer warriors. In the words of Paul, your donations and prayers “are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God.” (Philippians 4:18)

Thank you, again and again.

Much love,


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