Some thoughts on the past month

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here; some may say too long, me being one of them. Well as most of you know, I have been in the States over the past month visiting family and friends. I left on the 3rd of July and came back yesterday as opposed to the 17th when I was originally supposed to come back. So, it was just about a month of vacation which was definitely a blessing!

This past month was filled with so many blessings and graces that they will be hard to explain in length, but I will try. The day after I got home I had the pleasure of going to the beach with some of my best friends and mates. This was a fun time of fellowship and laughs and sun and sand. Those friends will always be close to my heart and so it was great to start my vacation with them πŸ™‚

Going straight from there to WV with Adam and my cousin Caleb was also fun as we held good company along the way and I got to catch up some with my cousin and we three laughed and joked as we drove to the site of our family reunion. Now that week was arguably the best week in the past three years; this being firstly because so many of those wonderful people I hadn’t seen in three years or more. Secondly, because there were more than double as last time we had it three years ago! There were over 80 people in attendance for a whole week of family fellowship fun and blessings. My family has a rich heritage of Gospel roots and Christ’s love and this was on display the whole week as we shared of ourselves and our lives to each other. I know that this is a little taste of what Heaven will look like, and it blows me away. What have I done to deserve such a dope family? Nothing! Grace upon grace upon grace. Know that you are deeply loved, my family who are reading this. Three years is way too long to get time away with you all.. I also got to share with everyone about my time in Haiti and what God has called me to for the past two years which was a blessing in itself. I used to shy away from public speaking, and in fact was terrified of it but as of late I enjoy chances to talk about what God is doing in my life. It was an honor to share and glory in what God has done with those that are so close to me and also are missionaries in their own ways.

The next two plus weeks of my vacation were spent in NJ with my family and friends. Originally I was supposed to return to Haiti on the 17th but there was much unrest here at that time so unfortunately our teams started canceling/rescheduling their trips. This was definitely not good for our ministry because we are somewhat dependent on mission teams to come down and give of their skills and finances. That being said, please be in prayer for peace in Haiti and advancement of righteous leaders who can stand against the corruption in the government. Although it was a bummer for FFP, God used it for good in my life as a blessing of an extra two weeks with my loved ones. I had the opportunity to fellowship with some of my best friends and that was definitely the highlight of the past two weeks; the conversations that were shared, the love and wisdom that was spoken and acted out, and the relationships that were deepened by the physical and spiritual presences of one another. It was also tough in a way being there, but as I have much to say about hardship I will save it for the next blog post.

I couldn’t have asked for a better July. God knew that I needed a break and he sure gave it to me! Even in my unfaithfulness, he was and is faithful and for that I am continually grateful. Each day that he has given me to love and be loved is a grace and I’m so glad I could share in those graces each day with you all. My time is almost done here, and I don’t know what’s coming next but I have to trust in and hold on to my Rock and my Redeemer because I know he will provide what I need.

Please be praying into my future as I will be in need of a job. I am trying to keep my eyes and ears tuned into His will and submit my will to his but as you know, that’s hard. I crave the blessings of your prayers.

Know that you are loved, again and again I will say that this all wouldn’t be possible without the moving of your hearts to support me in every way necessary. God is doing amazing things through you all here in Haiti.

Until next time,


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