It’s about that time. The past couple of days I’ve taken an unnecessary amount of losses when it comes to fighting the sin in my life. I believe I can say that all of you know what I’m talking about when I say this: there are times in our lives when we just give in to temptation because we are either tired of fighting or we are just apathetic towards what Christ has done for us. Well the past couple days have been just that, so yesterday and today I’ve decided to take the fight to the enemy.

Before coming and living in Haiti, I barely ever fasted. It was a spiritual discipline that I exercised only once a year when we (the youth group) would do the 30 Hr famine for World Vision and team up with youth groups in the area and have a fun time while doing it. Outside of that thirty hours, I never fasted. It wasn’t only because I love food so much but also because I didn’t feel the need to do it. Oh how spiritually immature I was! If only I knew the power of the weapon of fasting when I was younger I think I would be much stronger spiritually than I am now and I would have had many more victories under my belt (so to speak) against temptation and sin. But, you know what they say, “better late than never!” The past year or so I have started practicing the discipline of fasting and have unlocked some new power in my life. I have experienced first hand how fasting can turn the tide of spiritual warfare.

That being said, it has been a pleasure exploring for the first time the victories and growth that private fasting can give and the openness of communication with the Divine. I can’t believe I hadn’t ever done this before, I was definitely missing out! I was fasting one day a couple months ago after a group left and God gave me a vision. This was the first vision I had ever had!! I was in the air being wrapped in the huge white wings of Christ. In that moment I felt more at peace than I have ever felt in my entire life. I felt more secure and right and loved than I had ever felt before. I tried to look up at Jesus’ face but all I saw was light, it only lasted a couple seconds and then I was back in my bed with the fan blowing in my ears. I sometimes close my eyes and go back to that place to feel the warmth and love of God when I need an extra dose. It was amazing and I believe I wouldn’t have had that vision if I wasn’t fasting! I am hoping that this wasn’t the only vision God gives me, I am hungry for more.

So as you may have guessed with all my talk about fasting, that’s what I’m doing today. After a few days of repeated failures I know I need a reset. I need to re-set my eyes on Christ and the cross and the victories I ALREADY have in him. I need to reset my spiritual disciplines and fill up on spiritual food and get back into quiet time and prayer. Prayer is another thing that I have learned about while I’ve been here, it’s something that God has taught me the power of. So while I fast and pray today I ask that you pray along with me. There are many things that I have asked you all to pray about over the past year and a half but these things are what need the most attention at this point:

Refocus on Christ
Reset of spiritual disciplines
Renewed and increased desire to READ the Word
Peace for the future
Clarity for future choices
Provision for the future
And as per yuge, thanks for your continued support! This journey hasn’t been easy but I know that because of you all, it’s been blessed!!

Much love,


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