A well-timed visit

My mom came to visit us this past week and stayed for 5 days! It was great to be able to see her and visit different people/places with her while she was here. She hadn’t visited Haiti in several years and the last time she came it was for the church so we were inundated with meetings and visits with World Vision, etc. This was a sweet time of relaxation and catching up.

The first day she was here we were on our second day of the medical translation seminar so most of that day was spent in the hotel across the street. It was nice to be able to have her see FFP doing things other than team-oriented work as opposed to her only experience being with Westerly/SHCP. Day number two we went to the beach and relaxed by the water which was a nice experience to share; who wouldn’t want to hang out at a Caribbean beach with their mom?? Friday we visited some guys that she knows from a while ago, Walmy and Makesnel and their school. They hadn’t seen each other in years so it was great to see that re-connection and spend time visiting their current school and their new school that’s being built. I also had a chance to show her the water system in action at the Men nan Men school as we needed water for the house. Saturday morning before she left we visited Men nan Men again so she could see it in full operation and we had a good time visiting Wesley’s class.

Over all it was a great five days and as I said, it was a joy to be able to take mom around and show her my life so to speak. But the best part about it for me was the motherly wisdom and the time we had on the roof each night to talk about life and love and the future. I can say that that is the aspect of my mom that I miss most; the wisdom that just flows out of her in such a gentle way. The ability she has to speak truth into situations is marvelous. God sent her at the perfect timing as I am wondering and praying and thinking about what I am to do next.

I’ll be honest the goodbye wasn’t too hard because we will see each other in less than two months as we go to her family reunion for a week in West Virginia. I’ll have plenty of time to be with her again then!

Thanks to everyone who sent words of encouragement and love with her and supported her visit in any way. I noted that she was the first and (most likely) only visit I have had since living here! **Still waiting on you ADAM** God knows how to orchestrate sweet fellowship between family members and I am thankful to him for having such great parents. The older I get the more I realize I want to be like them.

Love you mom!

Thanks again to everyone who has continued to read my posts and support and encourage me in every way.



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