It’s been a while since I posted anything here, 25 days to be exact, so I thought it’s high time I update everyone on my life. It’s been a pretty slow last month as we have had only one group since I last posted, but I’ve been glad for the rest in between half-days of work here and half-days of work there. Also, instead of coffee, I have rum this time!

*sips rum*

We left off at the end of two construction groups, the second being Stone Hill! It was great to see everyone and serve with you guys again. I want to give a special thanks to my mom who sent an early birthday gift! It has been enjoyed very much so far.

Our last group, Akansyel, is from New Jersey/Cali and was composed of three mothers and 5 high school aged kids which was pretty fun. We did so many activities in a short 4 days of work. Day one on the ground we went to a special-needs school which we had never been to before. It was an amazing experience filled with fun and song and play. It was a beautiful experience that was enjoyed by all (kids, our group, the staff). We hope to return there with more groups!! Day #2 was composed of painting the majority of the school in Jacquet! This was also a great day for me as I very much enjoy doing things well. We did a great job making the school so much more beautiful while some people from the group taught the teachers CPR. I know that those kids are going to be more eager to learn because their school is now beautifully painted and bright and welcoming. Day three was spent at the Men nan Men complex doing various seminars and training the students from our school as well as surrounding schools different things such as how to use a microscope, CPR, and accounting. On the last day we did a food distribution in Kwa Kok and Mango Sesh (area close to KK) and then did more CPR training with some of Pastor’s church’s members as well as played soccer. The week was full of awesome education with a great group of intelligent students. It was a pleasure to receive Akansyel for the second time and we look forward to serving with them in the future.

*drinks more rum*

This last week I have been doing some work in the water system, which if you have followed my blog for a while, you know I enjoy. This is something that I never thought would be in my field of work while I am here, but those of you who know my personal story know that that’s normally how God works in my life. He takes something that he’d like me to do and presents it, knowing full well that I will reject the responsibility of it, and then precedes to change my heart about said work/activity/etc, until I come to enjoy it. He is so gracious with me; he knows I’m gonna be like heck no I don’t want to do this, but he offers me the chance to take it anyway instead of forcing it on me. He has his way in a loving and soft way; not a hard and immediate way. It’s something I’ve come to most admire about God. Anyway, as I said, I never would have guessed that I would be the “call man” for the water system at the school. It is something that God has blessed me with understanding about and desire for in a short time. *more rum!* Working in the water system, while it can be annoying in the moment, is one of the most satisfying types of work I do here, if not the most. The knowledge to run a system that literally creates a better, healthier, stronger life for people is humbling. It is something that I have come to love to do.

I had the idea the other day to see if I can fund-raise for a water system like this and set it up in the states either in Flint or in Trenton or elsewhere that has terrible water. I don’t know if this type of system will clean those types of problems but it is something I am thinking about looking into and maybe doing when I get back home. You can keep that in prayer for me!

Aside from working in the water system I did some work in organizing and updating our medicine list for the next medical group that will come. This, in stark contrast to working with water, is my least favorite work to do here. Like the water system, I didn’t know that I would be put in charge of this when I came here either, and it’s something I have struggled with since. I don’t even know why I dislike it so much, it’s just one of those things. But I have also been humbled over the past year and a half by this kind of work. God has taught me much about patience and molded me to become more of a servant. See, it’s easy to serve when you enjoy whatever you are doing; it’s when you don’t want to do the work where our servant hearts are truly tested. Believe me when I say, I fail almost every time. Over time He has slowly changed my heart so that it isn’t as painful as it used to be, but it’s still hard. What helps is thinking about what I have been called to by living in Haiti and this is one of those things, whether I like it or not. He’s constantly working on me.

Speaking of working on me, the past couple of immediate days I have been reading more (I had been slacking for a while) and praying more frequently. Over the past weeks/couple months, my prayer life has slowly dwindled and I realized it early this week.. By his grace I hope to continue sharpening my weapons starting with prayer. It is so vital to work here in Haiti because literally anything could happen at any time.  God has been graciously protecting me while patiently waiting for me to thank him and acknowledge his power in my life. Thank God for being gracious huh? I know I don’t deserve it.

AS per usual, the fight continues. I have had victories and failures. I find that I fail most when I keep my eyes on what I am trying to do and not on what He has already done for me. I best fight temptation from a foundation of who I am in Christ and remembering what he has done for me. When I lose sight of that, it is much easier to give in. Please continue to pray for me as I am continuing the fight of faith. God has and continues to be so good to me… I sometimes just think about it and cry because of all that he has put up with because of me while still loving me just the same… Hallelujah to the Lord.

Thanks everyone for your continued support both in prayer and also monetarily. It is so important that I have fellow brothers and sisters in the trenches with me while I serve here. It may not be physically, but via your donations I can continue the work that God has called me to do here.

Please send my love to your families as I dearly miss mine.

Can’t wait to visit in July and see all my extended family for our reunion! It’s gonna be a dope week.

With love,


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