[28 Days]

So tomorrow marks the first day of going non-stop until the 17th of March. We have a medical team coming (one member already arrived this afternoon..) throughout the day tomorrow until next Saturday. We will be doing mobile clinics as we normally do with medical teams and will be revisiting several villages/areas where we have gone recently. It is always good to double or triple clinics each year so that the people get more than one consultation a year.

Saturday, I will be leaving Haiti and crossing over to the Dominican Republic to visit the FFP staff there and spend several days with them. I am eagerly looking forwards to this trip as I have wanted to get over there since I have been here. It was great to see Kristen (the chief of staff for FFP DR) and her two interns when they came across the border with the leadership team that was in country last week. I haven’t been to the DR since 2013 when Adam and I visited for a week while interning here in Haiti. I am looking forwards to the rest and relaxation and a change of scenery.

Upon returning to Haiti on the 28th, We will be right back into working with Woodside Church, a construction team from Pennsylvania. They are here for 7 days and then the same day they leave, Stone Hill comes! So it’s going to be a busy next 28 days for me!

I ask that you please pray for me physically. The past two or so days my back has been bothering me for no reason whatsoever. The very lower right side hurts almost constantly. It isn’t enough to be crippling but at times when I am bending over or just doing a random movement it stabs me to remind me that it’s still there and it’s still angry 😡 My right foot has suddenly started to hurt as well a little bit… There are random aches and pains that I get here that I have never experienced in the States and it’s really annoying at times. They just come and go whenever they please. So please be in prayer for healing physically and also for stamina to serve and be active for the next chunk of days. I am looking forward to these next groups as I know them well and they are fun and relatively easy to work with. Please also pray for traveling mercies for the three teams and for me as I cross the border.

Many thanks,

Mesi anpil,


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