This past week I had the pleasure of joining a mission team from Tuscon AZ that was serving with an organization called Cross to Light Ministries. It was a time of retreat and recharge for me personally, of which I am very grateful.

It was very cool to be able to join a different organization and see how they run and what they do and where they work. I don’t get a chance to do stuff like that often here! What Cross to Light does is takes 6-8 young Haitian men and for two years straight all they do is study the bible in the context of church planting and becoming pastors. We were with the fourth group of students (who just started this past week) and the org already has 8 churches planted all over the country. The man who started the organization from scratch after being called to come live here after the earthquake is named Brian. He is such an inspiration and a man of faith! His energy just oozes out and infects everyone around him. It was awesome getting to hear some of his story about how God moved powerfully in his life to bring him here and establish him 8 years ago.

The meat of our days was taken teaching through the book of Job. Each morning for 3.5-5 hours one of the mission team members would teach and the bible institute students would ask question after question after question. These guys are truly on fire for the Lord! The afternoons were taken by medical clinics, construction or gardening at a second property that Cross to Light owns and is using to build a guest house for their groups. Such a great project to be a part of!

The best part of the three days I was there was getting to know the team. It was a great group of men and women and children from their church in AZ. It was amazing to be able to catch up with John and talk about life and relationships and ministry. John is such a blessing to me and it has been about 4 years since I had the chance to sit with him and share about each others lives. I believe this was the most nourishing aspect of these past three days, just getting to reconnect with a cherished friend once more and glorify God together both in service and in conversation. My heart is truly blessed and full as I return home to the FFP house and get ready for the leader’s trip that is coming this next week. I feel like a new man, refreshed and ready to face anything! God is so good, he has been so good to me and will continue to be so good. I am continuously awed at how he chooses to bless me even when I do not deserve to be blessed. Great is his name!

John “the beast” Beeson aka Johnny Boy it was dope to be able to serve alongside you and your team in Haiti. Love you bro.

Avek Jezi, tout bagay anfom.


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