Quick Fundraising Update

Our second team of the year just left this morning and we have a good break before the next teams come so I thought now would be a good time to update you all on this year’s fundraising.

Last month I got an email with a breakdown of my fundraising to date and what is still needed. Before I get into that let me first say I am constantly grateful for the community that has gathered around me and essentially sent me to Haiti. I say it time and time again and I’ll say it once more, without you all, I wouldn’t be here. Your monetary sacrifices are what sent me here and are what continue to keep me here as I finish out my second year.

Firstly, I know some of my supporters were only partnering with me for my first year, so if that’s you could you please do me a huge favor and let me know that your support is finished? This will help me a bunch and make it easier to figure out what I still need for the rest of the year. Thank you!! Your support has meant the world to me. I have been living out God’s calling on my life for the past year because of YOU!

To the update! So what I was told is if every monthly supporter I had from last year continues their monthly giving (I know this isn’t the case) through this second year, then I only need around $4,000 to finish out! That number is amazing! I wasn’t expecting that number to be so small this early in the year. The generosity is just crazy! God is so faithful isn’t he?

So that being said, my two years is technically up at the end of September, but I have decided that if we have enough groups to keep me here until December then I will just finish out the year. I won’t really know that until later in the year when all of our teams have signed up.. So keep your eyes out for that update!

Again, thanks all who have supported me and the ministry of Foundation for Peace and Haiti and ultimately, God with their sacrificial giving.

Please continue to pray for me both physically and spiritually. This year is going to be even better than last year by God’s grace!

Much love,


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