New year, same me

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to carve out a chunk of time this week so I can write down some thoughts and today presented the perfect opportunity. The medical team and staff are taking the day off at Kaliko beach club, a resort to the north of Port-au-Prince.

So this is a new year! I’d like to take some time to talk about the past year as well as the year to come..

My first full year living and serving in Haiti was a crazy experience. Many of you who have followed this blog or caught up with me via FB and WhatsApp know this to be true. It was a hard year full of ups and downs but underlined by the mercies of God and covered by his grace. I have had to learn how to give up desires of my heart in order to give in to the desires that God has for me. I have needed to run to grace more times than I can count. I have seen the face of God in the children of this country. I have become more in tune with his heart. I have been the (sometimes stubborn) clay in the hand of the potter. It has been a roller coaster of a year. God has taught me so much about being the man he wants me to be. He has proven his faithfulness to both his kingdom and myself in the way he has continued to provide for me. I am so grateful for the super generous people he has put in my life to keep me in his will. Without all of you who support me both financially as well as prayerfully it wouldn’t be possible for me to serve here. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me even in the smallest way. God does amazing things with the smallest of sacrifices. I will take some time in a couple weeks to update everyone about my finances and where I stand for this year.

A new business venture was started this past year and is doing well. The motorcycle parts store that the four of us had started is continuing to do well up on the mountain in Gwo Cheval! Every report I here from our business partner Walmy is a good one. He always tells me the people are asking for many other things that we cannot yet buy because of the lack of capital. This is a good thing! We are only limited by capital now, the demand is huge. We have finished paying off our first loan from the bank in Gantye and are looking to get a bigger one so we can get a big jump start to the year. Doing business in Haiti is so much easier than it is in the US! I have been encouraged that we are heading in an upward, albeit slow, direction. Small progress is better than none!

This coming year I have determined to work on myself and my spiritual life much more than last year. Last year I was busy with focusing on work and doing that well and I kind of left my spiritual growth in the dust. I watched way too much Netflix and read way to little of the Bible and other spiritual literature. I dislike reading books so the resolve to grow is going to be a struggle but I trust that you all will be praying for me as I struggle with it! I want to feed myself instead of just entertain myself. I have also resolved to become a better man both spiritually as a leader and physically/emotionally as a person. I want to do some serious soul and heart work and prepare myself for eventually getting married. There are alot of issues I have as a person that I want to right before I head down that road. Please also be in prayer for this and don’t hesitate to ask me about how I am doing in my walk! I need as many reminders and encouragers as possible.

My growth as a leader is essential to my work here in Haiti. I need to be able to make decisions with clarity and wisdom. I need to be able to lead both physically in work as well as spiritually when it is needed. As I continue in this position I ask that you please pray for wisdom in all my dealings both for the organization and business wise.

I wish to continue to do business this coming year and there are several things on that plate that I want to execute with different people here. Wesley and I are hoping to start doing work in recycling and pastor and I are hoping to start something with chickens. God knows the desires of our hearts and plans our steps. I would appreciate prayer in this area as well, that God would show favor on these ventures and that we would be able to start all that we want to.

I will also update on teams at a later date as I just wanted to talk about last year as well as this coming year. This team has been great so far! They are very well organized. Thank you to everyone who said hi while I was back in NJ this past month, it was great to talk to and see friends and family. Again, thank you for your support and know that your sacrifices are not in vein!

God bless you all,

Avek lanmou,


One thought on “New year, same me

  1. Thanks for the update, Ben. I will be praying for you and will be eager to hear how you are doing as you continue to serve our Lord in Haiti. Love you much!


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