A Last Push

I’ve been relatively silent for a while (blogging-wise) and I thought it was about time to break that silence. I hope you all have been doing well since I last wrote a blog, God has sure been good to me since then!

Our group schedule has been sparse for the past few months. We had one group come at the end of August and that was the last group we have had since. September and October have been less active but we have been working as staff and hired hands on the wall at the Men nan Men complex. That is an ongoing project that, if I am honest with my feelings about, seems like it will go on forever. I have worked on and off on that wall since 2012. That’s just how it goes here, there are many other things that have pulled FFPs focus and funds away from the complex in Ganthier. Several of the biggest being restoration after hurricanes that come through; Sandy at the end of 2012, several smaller ones in between, and the most recent Matthew and Irma hurricanes. On top of natural disasters there are so many other needs in different communities that we have to give attention to. That being said, my frustration with the seemingly infinite unfinished state of the wall is really not that justified when I break it down and think about it…

Other than the wall, we have done some work on the house next door (not construction yet though) such as cleaning the grounds and the house itself in preparation for this next medical team who will organize our current medical stores onto actual shelves in that house!! Imagine… no more suitcases… is it probable? no. Is it possible? Yes, eventually! This will just be the first step towards a more organized medical portion of our ministry. We have done other house/grounds-keeping projects both at our house (the rental) and at the school. Throughout all of this we have been continuing our work with the water purification system and our water cage at Miracle Village in Fonds-Paresien. Since the end of September we have had the water cage almost filled (~45 5-gallon jugs) which has been a helpful increase for the community there. There is talk of finding another house in the village to sell water at so we would have 100 jugs in total in the village! This news is exciting especially to me because I told pastor a while ago that even if we had 200 jugs in miracle village it still wouldn’t be enough. The prospect of an increasing amount of HEALTHY clean unprocessed but filtered water anywhere is great. The good thing about our system is that it doesn’t strip the water of everything and then re-add sodium, minerals, etc. Many other systems totally clean their water and then add stuff to the water before selling it. I’ve been told that you can taste the difference between our water and others. Our system doesn’t strip everything from the water then re-add, it leaves the naturally occurring sodium, minerals, etc. in while taking the harmful stuff out. I heard a testimony about our water recently from a guy who lives in Miracle Village, Hernery who is actually our foreman for all of FFPs construction work. A long time ago he had a motorcycle crash that left his lip with a big scar and his front teeth all messed up and apparently his teeth have hurt him ever since. Well he said that a week after he started drinking the water provided by this system his teeth stopped hurting.. who knew good water could be so changing! Imagine what it’s done in the bodies of others! I thought it was so cool to hear that it helped him that much.

So about this next month; we have three teams coming between the fifth and the seventeenth with only one day in between. We have a medical group, a small group of leaders from Konekte and then a high school construction group from Ewing coming. Should be an eventful few weeks, and i’m honestly very happy we will be busy for several reasons. First of all being that this is why I came to Haiti in the first place. Lately I have had the feeling of uselessness as we haven’t been serving with groups much. I know that’s not true but the feeling still likes to play with me. Other reasons include being busy so that I’m not tempted to binge watch Stranger Things 2 again.. I’m trying to hold off until I get back and rewatch it with my bro and some other peeps.. should be dope. To cap the year, Ken and Wendy are coming from the last day of the month until the 5th of December. I am likely to get a ticket home for around that time.

Needless to say, I am grateful for the chance to come back again and visit and spend time over Christmas and New Years! I truly am blessed to be able to be so close to home (just a 4 hour plane flight and a 2 hour ride) so that I can visit often. God is good. I look forward to catching up with everyone in December!

As always, thanks for being faithful to God’s work in Haiti and to me personally. I am here because of you all. Many thanks.

God bless


P.S. If you haven’t watched both seasons of Stranger Things, in the words of Fre Jasmine, “Ou pap konnen sa ou vle.”

In layman’s terms, you don’t know what you want.


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