The Short List

Please continue to pray for me!



I have several requests that are at the top of the list:

  1. Self-control and strength in the face of temptation
  2. Protection both physically and spiritually
  3. Increased grace and love for those around me, especially children and those in great need
  4. Humility in my privilege and platform as I interact with my neighbors (Those who are brought near)
  5. A continued peace about my current positioning in life
  6. Provision for the future
  7. Peace about the decisions God will make about my future vs what he knows I desire
  8. An increased discipline of patience
  9. Sensitivity and openness to the Spirit’s leading in every day decisions and interactions
  10. Protection and blessing for my family back home ❤


For those who have been in continual prayer for me, I thank you very much! I can’t do this on my own. I know that I am weak and in need of grace and some o dat supernatural strength to continue on. Your support has meant so much to me!!

Mesi so much

God beni you

Like what I did there?



2 thoughts on “The Short List

  1. Hi Ben, I just learned about your blog and am doing a little catch up. Don’t worry about the sporadic updates (I update mine maybe… every few months ha). I’m enjoying reading your honest thoughts on life in Haiti. Praying for you! God continues to provide you strength and perseverance, new every morning. – Emily


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