One Year Later

Today marks exactly one year that I’ve been in Haiti. It is crazy how fast time flies! I didn’t even realize that until I got on FB tonight and saw it in my memories. Wow, it’s been a year already! God has done so much over the past year. Both in Foundation for Peace and in my life personally. Lemme give you a run-down:


FFP has continued to work in devastated areas affected by Hurricane Matthew last year. We have successfully rebuilt the classroom in Jacquet that was destroyed by the floods. There is still work to do inside the classrooms, but they were usable for the start of this school year! I want to thank everyone who either came and worked on that project or donated in any way to Hurricane Matthew relief. We have been a huge blessing in that community. Sadly, Jacquet, Danm Marie and many other localized areas in that zone were once again damaged by floods from Hurricane Irma that just passed. ALTHOUGH God answered a huuuuge prayer in that. We were praying praying praying that the hurricane would move northward above Haiti instead of making contact with it, as was predicted in the beginning. Welp, God answered that prayer! Irma ended up moving northward after touching the DR and we didn’t get nearly as much rain or winds as were predicted. God is so good. He really does have power over nature. I’ve now seen it with my own eyes and lived it and you can’t tell me any different. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! Anyway, back to Jacquet. We are currently raising funds to fix the source of the flooding via industrial front end loader. We have hired a machine to come and fix the river that originally overflowed and destroyed its banks causing the mass destruction in the area during Matthew. If you haven’t please check that out on Pastor V’s FB page @Michel Valentin or go to and look at the posts/progress there. Please give generously if possible! There is still much work to be done there. Renting the machine along with a driver for a day including gas and everything is almost $1000.

We have continued to work with our water purification system at the school. We were actually out all day today working in the system which, by the way, is my favorite work to do here. There is something about it that is so fulfilling. I think I’ve said this before. Clean, drinkable water is such a crazily taken-for-granted commodity in the States. There are so many people who are forced to drink dirty water here. Their babies drink it too. Needless to say, when I get a chance to help provide and further along that kind of work, I love it. It fills me with appreciation for my own access to clean water and satisfies my need to help people. (Yes, I believe it has become a need by God’s working and grace.) We now have 45 jugs for water at a water cage in Miracle Village which we sell at a steep discount and that is the main focus of our water project; although we also work with a church/school but not as often.

Some of you know that Pastor V was very sick this past winter. The plans of the devil were thwarted there as he is still alive and leading us! That was such a clear picture of how God keeps his promises. He promises to protect those who love him, and if you know anything about papa (Pastor V), he LOVES God. Another miracle that I cannot deny when talking about the power of God. He still works. He still protects! HE IS ALIVE!!!! This year we had more groups than any other year! That is a huge blessing not only for us at FFP but definitely for Haiti! We had a record number of medical teams which are super needed here. like.. super.. needed.. Healthcare here is so expensive and many of the towns/villages we work in don’t have access to hospitals or clinics or anything until we come with a group for a day or two. It is one of the biggest blessings I have seen while living here in Haiti for sure. God’s love is never more present than when someone leaves all they have for a week and comes to provide basic healthcare to sick people. It is so evident. The joy on the faces of those receiving the medicine/care/etc says it all. There is something special about that kind of work here. Thank you to everyone who has ever come to give such care to people here in Haiti, either with FFP or with some other organization.

Onto me. I couldn’t imagine what God would do over this past year. As we all know and recite, “God works in mysterious ways!” Right? But do we really ever see or experience that mystery?? Yer boy has. I don’t understand what I’ve done to deserve this work. In fact I can tell you with assurance that I have not done anything to deserve this. I don’t deserve to even be the servant of the Most High God. Not even a lowly slave. But he has counted me worthy of his service and I am grateful for every opportunity he grants me. It is so good to serve the Author of love. There are certain things; feelings, emotions, knowledge, that can only be obtained by doing what the Father wills. Those of you who have experienced such things know that I am talking about. You know. It’s impossible to put your finger on, and hard to explain exactly what it is. But if you have it, you know it. There is a peace that passes all human knowledge when you are walking in the will of the Creator. I have tasted this peace by the grace of God.

He has been working on my a bunch while I’ve been here. He is molding  my heart and mind to be more in sync with his. He is teaching me what it means to love selflessly and without reserve. He is showing me more of what it means to be a leader. He is showing me more of what it means to be a man. All these things and so much more, and to think that this is happening to lil old me?! Ok I’m not lil or old but you get it.. It’s like I have the literal best mentor in every aspect of life! What is goin’ on eh?

I am a living breathing testament to the grace and mercy of God.

So much has happened in one year. I’m excited for what God has in store in the next! I know that he has so much to teach me during my time here. Expect many more updates as he reveals those things to me!

Thank you all once again for your continued support of my ministry here in Haiti with FFP. I couldn’t be doing this without all of my faithful friends and family who saw my calling and backed it. You all are more of a blessing than you know. Thank you thank you thank you!!

If you feel like supporting my ministry here, please visit the Foundation for Peace website ( and find my name in the options on the “Donate” tab. If you would like to support by prayer, please do so! I always need prayer. Please pray for strength as I walk out my daily life here, please pray for self-control and strength in the face of temptation. Please pray for FFP that the organization would continue to be blessed and walk strong this next year. Please pray for safety both physically and spiritually. Please pray that I would be humble to learn the lessons that God has for me here.

Thank you all so much!

Mesi anpil tout moun!

Bondye beni nou.


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