The biz (x3)

I wanted to share with you all where I am in the processes of different businesses both here in Haiti and back in the states.

Many of you know that I am one of two founders and three runners of an apparel company called The Herald Threads Project. If you’ve known me for very long you have probably seen me wearing one of our pieces over the past two years. We had taken a hiatus from social media for the past half a year or so as everyone was super busy with other things. I had come to Haiti, Jericho has gotten two new jobs since I left along with getting married, and Ahmed has many things on his plate with now two children, two businesses, and being a leader in the Transformation Church plant in Trenton. Needless to say, we had to put THTP on the back burner for a time because we had other things that were pulling us in other directions at the time. As some of you may have seen, we are back on social media and have ended our hiatus! So that has been exciting for me as I really love the project and have had so much fun with Jericho building the brand. I will use this platform as a shameless plug and ask that anyone who is interested in some thought-provoking and conversation-starting clothing would check us out at or @The Herald Threads Project on FB and @heraldthreadsproj on IG. Many thanks!

The other business I’ve been involved in here in Haiti have been growing as well. Some of you may know that two of the Haitian staff named Walmy and Makesnel and Adam and myself have started a small motorcycle parts business on top of the mountain where Walmy and Mak are from in a village called Gwo Cheval (Big Horse). That has since been doing well as we are the first and only moto parts store in the area. We took a small loan from a local bank in Gantye (where the brothers live currently) to start us off but it didn’t get us very far. We have been financing it since and hope to get a bigger loan after we pay off the first one. Everything is in demand up there because the only time during the week that you can buy motorcycle parts is when they have a big market on Saturdays. So once a week you can fix your motorcycle and if it breaks on a Monday well then you can’t use it until Saturday. So as you can imagine, the business is expanding as people continually ask us if we have more and more parts. We are only limited by our own pockets at this point. As we sell things we continue to not only restock popular items but buy other parts that people ask for often. People have already been asking if we sell motorcycles which is actually one of our goals later on. We want to sell enough parts that we will be able to afford buying and selling motorcycles! I foresee that happening as its just a matter of time. The shop will by no means become obsolete up there. We are the first of its kind in the area so we will continue to grow. If we had been able to get a bigger loan from the bank then we would be further off but as it has been said, patience is key. Good things take time (mostly). So we are excited about what 4 Fre has to offer in the future! The shop has been aptly named Four Brothers Moto Parts because we are two sets of two brothers who came together with this idea and realized it. I look forward to updating you about how it goes in the future!

The last and most recent business development in my life just reared its head this past week and has yet to be advanced. Myself and four other guys are planning on starting a livestock business next month. Details are yet to be hammered out but we plan on buying and keeping the goats up in the mountains on Walmy and Makesnel’s father’s land (he’s got a bunch) and then when the young are grown, to ship them down the mountain and sell them in the city as they sell for more there. Livestock is a huge business here. Everything from chickens to sheep and goats to cows and horses. We are starting small with hopes to go bigger as profits come.

This time I ask you to please be in prayer for these three business ventures that I have invested myself into. Please pray that God would continue to bless us and grant us favor and protection. IF you feel so lead, please support The Herald Threads Project by buying a shirt or two! We’ve got some pretty rad stuff 🙂

God is the Creator who created creators and he takes pleasure in seeing his creation create. I firmly believe this and find joy in doing so, as I believe it is imprinted in us. Those of you who own businesses or have created other such things know what I’m talking about! It’s a sense of fullness when you birth something that is successful. It’s just a tiny hint of what God feels when he created (and still creates) us.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and love. I am humbled that you all see in me what God does. That I am to be used by Him to bring glory to his name! Thank you for rallying behind me as I walk out my calling.

P.S. looking forward to seeing you all in December

Much love



2 thoughts on “The biz (x3)

  1. This is truly exciting. I am inspired to continue creating. Thank you for your wise words. On another note, we wanted to get some shirts but do you offer them in bigger sizes? Phoebe loved her purple Faith shirt but she is a growing girl, how do I request it? Praying for you Brother!


    • Thank you for the encouragement Karen! Great to hear from you. We have xxl sizes in only three of our designs. The Labarum long sleeve, the Red Logo and the Ayiti Pap Peri tees. For lack of funding, we weren’t able to put out xxl sizes on our other designs.


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