On the Horizon

It’s been a while since I wrote anything, and I am sorry for not keeping up with this as much as I should. I will try to be better about sharing in the future 🙂

Sooo since last update- we’ve had a group that came for a week. It was a ten person group focused on sports camps! My first time working with a group that focused on sports. We held three days of camps for kids and adults in lacrosse, basketball and dance. It was a long tiring week but was worth it! I also knew a few of the people on the trip so that was great as well.

Our next group is coming on the 20th so we have some down time until then. This next group is a 27-10 person medical team 😮 so that will be crazy! I hope we will be able to see and help many people during that week. Until then, we are just working on the wall at the Men nan Men school complex as staff and working with water purification as per usual.

There is something new in the works though! Pastor just went down to Port Salut in the south and met with leaders of another organization that have been doing projects in that region. They discussed the possibility of partnering to put a water purification system in Port Salut which is much needed after hurricane Matthew. Pastor told me that they seemed very interested in the idea of the project and that we will continue to communicate to see if it is possible. I am so excited for the possibility of doing this kind of project in the south. It is so terribly needed because Matthew destroyed all of their previous purification systems. This would help the area so much.

Please pray that God would pave the way both financially and logistically for this project to indeed become a reality. I will keep you all updated as to where we stand with it whenever I hear more news.

Until then, thank you all for your continued support both financially and in prayer of me. I am forever grateful for the selfless people who have sacrificed so that I can live out my calling here in Haiti.

God bless you all,

Avek lanmou,


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