Just a couple more weeks!

I haven’t been posting much as of late, and for those who follow I am sorry. There just hasn’t been much to update about. We haven’t had a group in a couple weeks. Besides that, the staff have been working for the past two weeks on the wall at the Men Nan Men complex trying to finish it as fast as we can. We need to surround our property quickly or the person who owns the property behind ours, can demand that we give him a pass-through to the road in front of us… So the staff have been tirelessly digging the ditches for the foundations of the walls on both the left and right sides. We actually finished digging both sides! But now we need to fill the foundation and put up blocks and then start digging the ditch for the back wall.

We have also been providing water to Miracle Village to a cage we have set up at one of our staff’s house where he sells the gallons at a much discounted price for the people of the village. We have only been able to give him 22 gallons so far but the cage can fit 50. By the end of this month, Lord willing, we will have 50 in his cage to help provide good clean water to that village and the surrounding communities. Brice (the staff who sells it) says that the water trucks that come by sell the water for almost double the price and the water systems that are in the area sell heavy water so people don’t like to drink it. Ours is a great balance of light but still having salt and minerals in it so it tastes much better. That has been a huge blessing to the community! My vision is to have another 50 gallons in a cage by the end of the year so that we can service the whole community with 100. That would be ideal and I would love to see that happen. It is very possible thanks to a very generous donation that was given to FFP for water purification and water systems at the beginning of this year from someone at Stone Hill Church. We are very thankful to that person/family who sacrificed so much! God bless them!

That being said, we have a medical group coming on Sunday the 11th and staying for 12 days until the 22nd. They are a 7 person team, all of who are nurse practitioners from Emory University. They are doing 6 or 7 clinic days while they are here so we are looking forward to helping as many sick people as we can! We will have to have 7 translators as each of the team members can prescribe medicines by themselves (this is unusual for a medical group because many are students who are learning from RNs and NPs.) We will be going to new areas where we haven’t yet done clinics. Yesterday we actually went and visited several churches where we are planning on taking the team to do clinics at.

After this team, I’m coming back home for a visit! I’m actually leaving the same day as them, the 22nd! I am so excited and ready for a break and to see everyone I so miss and love. You all have been on my heart and I long to return and rest and recharge with my friends and family. God knows I need it. I find myself becoming more and more tired even when we don’t do much. It’s definitely an intense environment to live in. I’m ready to come back!

God is so good. He is faithful when I reject him. He chases me down and defeats my rebellion. I couldn’t ask for a greater Lord and Father. I am constantly in awe at how he loves me. I do not deserve to be working for him here in Haiti. I thank him for the chances he gives me each and every day to work for him and help his children, my brothers and sisters here in Haiti. Mwen vreman renmen Ayiti.

M pa ka konpran kijan Bondye renmen mwen! Lang mwen poko ka di konbyen li adore m. I can’t understand how much God loves me! My tongue can’t yet say how much he adores me.

Mesi Jezi pou gras ou.

Thank you Jesus for your grace

Love you all,


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