Out from unda the parents

Thanks to Obama, I have been able to be on my parent’s insurance until April 14th, making it much easier and saving me money in the process. Welp, that time has come to a close as I will have to venture off on my own in the insurance world starting in 12 days. I have shortly mentioned this in the past blog posts as I have talked about fundraising.


This is a formal fundraising update.

Starting this month, my total cost of living here in Haiti (yes insurance is included), will come to $1854. This includes the new monthly amount of $168 for my international insurance. I have chosen IMGlobal, a company which has plans specifically created for missionaries from the states who are living abroad. What a grand company, right? That being said, it was suggested to me that I take the $100,000 overhead plan. I have chosen $250 deductible instead of a smaller one as I will hopefully not be needing to use it that much. This option puts me at $168 per month. From what I understand, this company is very good and I feel secure choosing one of their plans.

All that to say, I have been blessed so far to be able to live and serve here in Criox-des-Bouquets and the surrounding areas for the past 6 months thanks to all of you. I constantly say in these posts how it wouldn’t be possible without all of you guys and I want to continue to stress that. God has poured out his grace on my life through you all as you have selflessly donated and shared of your money to both send me and keep me here. I know it means alot to the Haitians I serve, along with the Haitian staff and Pastor V. I know that I have been put here in a time of great need inside the organization and I am amazed at the divine sovereignty of God’s work and plan in my life. He put me here at the perfect time!

As I have explained in the past, living here is expensive. Some of y’all have asked my mother or myself why it costs so much to live here. The short and simple answer is, life in Haiti is expensive. Everything from gas to meat to washing water is expensive. It’s sad really, just how expensive it is especially knowing how some people are very financially poor. I don’t know how they make do with what little they have. It is just another testament to how resilient the Haitian people are. I respect them so much for that.

Anyway, I’ve updated and said my piece. Thank you again for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read this. Thank you for both your financial and your prayer warrior support. The second one is honestly most important. Pastor V and I were talking about the organization last week and commenting on how without prayer, we are nothing. This organization is nothing without prayer. We need the protection of our God. We need his righteousness and strength to fight another day. We need him, and without communication with him we will be lost. Please continue praying for strength and spiritual awareness for myself, Pastor V, and all the staff here in Haiti. The Devil doesn’t mess around, and neither should we.

I’d like to extend a special thank you to all the individuals/families that have started supporting me recently. You guys are the bomb. Thank you so very much for your monthly sacrifices for both myself, and more importantly for The Big Man. You will continue to be blessed because of this. Mesi anpil.

God bless you guys and please, if you have questions or just want to write me, please don’t hesitate. my email is henbenrie@yahoo.com and I also have Facebook and WhatsApp. If you’d like to know my Haitian number, please ask.

God bless you all

I look forward to seeing you guys at the end of June!!!


Peace out,


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