A break! Huzzah!

Since I returned to the country on January 3rd on the same plane as our first mission team of the year, we have worked almost non-stop. There have been a few days here, one day there, ect. where we haven’t worked but overall, its been work work work.

Finally, after three months, we have a break! God is good, he knows we need it. Personally, I was just too exhausted to go on. My body was so tired that during the last group we had, I was experiencing what a doctor told me to be “musculoskeletal” pain. The muscles on the inside of my body that connect to my bones were giving me grief. I had never experienced that kind of pain before! Anyway, needless to say, yer boy was bouke. (Exhausted) I am very grateful for two weeks of (mostly) down time. It is a much needed rest, Bondye konnen!!

It was a pleasure to end our 3 month period with the PEF group from Princeton University. I wanted them to stay for another week! They were so much fun, so lively and loved to work. Seriously, they worked harder than many other groups we’ve seen! And boy could they eat!!! The cooks loved them too haha. But we stayed up late playing Cataan (THANKS BRO AND SIS) every night as we joked and talked. The last night they were here we had the chance to sleep on the roof under the stars!! It was such a fun group, I felt like I wasn’t really working but instead was part of the group. Oh, what fun. Mesi Jezi.

Our next and only group for the month of April comes on the 9th and leaves the 16th. Unfortunate that they have to come on Palm Sunday and leave on Easter… not all too excited about that, but it is what it is. I don’t yet know what type of group it will be if it will be construction or teaching or something else. Aaaand after that group leaves, we don’t have another group for over a month, so we really do get to rest up completely!

A couple of the guys and I are trying to plan a couple days vacation to go up into the pine forest and rent some little cabins up there! It reminds me so much of my grandpa’s hunting cabin club in the “Endless mountains” of Pennsylvania! (Mother I will take pics I promise) So we have that to look forward to! Just a couple of guys hanging out in a forest and surrounding village area sounds fun!

Anyway, another little update on funding.

I’d like to thank the Stone Hill team for letting people know I still need funding! Mesi anpil! My monthly cost of living is about to go up almost another $200 because soon I will be signing up for international insurance under IMGlobal. The one that I have talked about with my superiors will run me $186 or so a month. So, there’s that to be taken care of on top of my current monthly support needed.

If you feel called to support me either in prayer or financially, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I could not be doing what I am doing if it weren’t for you all and the love you have in your hearts for God’s mission work here in Haiti. Again, I say thank you so much for those who are already supporting me!! God is so good all the time. He will never call someone to a place that He himself will not provide for. I firmly believe that. History is a testimony to that.

If anyone has any questions or just wants to send me a message please don’t hesitate to hit me up on FB or IG.

Tout glwa pou Bondye!


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