A quick update o mah lahf

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. Forgive me for the absence please, as we have had back-to-back groups for the last month. Today is the first day off we have had since January! I haven’t found the time or energy in the past month to put into blogging and that is why I’ve been silent as of late.

What’s happened in the past few months?

We have had so many medical clinics! Three medical teams have been down with each doing three or four clinics in different areas/villages. This most recent group we actually took to the governor’s office in Tabarre (the second biggest zone in Haiti after Delmas) and did a clinic there! We were on the news and everything. It was exciting to have FFP placed in the small spotlight like that, generating publicity for the organization.

We have continued work at the school in Jacquet. The courtyard walls are up now, and so are the school room walls that we tore down! With our next team (SHC!!!!!!!!!!) We will be pouring the floor for that building and then on to the roof!! It’s exciting to be there from start to finish and see where it came from and how it’s being rebuilt. God is so good!!!

I have officially started selling my own beard oil that I mix here at the house (Thanks to the peeps who helped me gather the ingredients! [Seth, Becca] Pastor Valentin’s wife was actually the first real buy! (Yes it’s good for hair too not just beards and no mama doesn’t have a beard..) There have been several people interested so far which it exciting.

I have been witness to the miracles that only our God could possibly create. The story of Pastor’s healing is actually really amazing. If it weren’t for God sending his angel to touch and heal him, Pastor would most likely be dead. (I know I can tell you this because he has started telling groups that are coming down.) I’ve also been witness to spiritual warfare as I’ve never felt before. We have been thrown into spiritual warfare. God has the final say. HE will have the victory, Amen.

I am in decent health, my back was giving me much grief last week and has slowly decreased in pain. I am pretty much good now and am stretching much more every day than I was, and also am working on strengthening my core. Please continue to pray for protection over my body as I am prone to back injuries in the past (aka i’m stupid) (you can also pray for wisdom plz)

On other notes, I am being stretched as a leader and as a follower of Christ. My sin is ever before me but God’s grace covers all. Please also continue to pray for my spiritual and emotional strength as I lead the staff and teams the best that I can in the strength that God provides.

Thank you all for your prayers and monetary support. If you’d like to support me further or begin supporting me, please visit http://www.foundationforpeace.org and find my name under the donations tab and options. I am about a year in, a year to go!

Starting in April, I will be getting international insurance as I am separating from my parent’s. I have chosen IMGlobal. They have great plans that are specifically geared towards missionaries. That will run me for about another $185 or so a month.. So that will be added onto my monthly budget. Please prayerfully consider supporting me monetarily, and if you are blessed and able, do to it monthly! That is best for me, whether it be $10 or $500 a month!

ALSO! PRAISE THE LORD! I have been granted June 22-July 17 for summer break! It went from just four days to almost a month… needless to say your boy is excited!

Mesi anpil tout moun,

Mwen renmen nou

Thank you so much everyone,

I love you


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