Fundraising Update

I wanted to update everyone on how I’m doing financially. First of all you guys are awesome, seriously. Without all of your support this wouldn’t be possible for me! Thank you for answering the call of generosity that God puts forth in His Word. I am humbled that so many of you have sacrificed your hard earned dollars to support me going and serving in another country. I can sense the love and open handed generosity that God has towards us through all of you. Thank you again and again!

That being said, let’s get down to the nitty gritty! (In my best Nacho voice)

Overall, the funds raised have totaled $17,576!! That is enough to cover me completely for ten months! WOOO! What an amazing start to my ministry here. God has definitely shown that He wants me here and He has my back. Of that $17,576, you guys have given $997 monthly! I am still looking for monthly partners, since that number is $686 short. I am in need of $1,700 per month for two years and you’ve given just under $1,000!

One time gifts are always accepted if you feel you can’t make a commitment to donating each month for either one or two years. But I really am asking for more people to commit to at least a year. It could be just $5 a month! If you have the financial blessing and stability to do $100, then that would be dope, but don’t feel that because you could only do a couple dollars a month means you shouldn’t do it! If God calls you to make such a sacrifice for His work here in Haiti then please do so! I know that I am being used in many ways here, as I have told you all before in my other blog posts. His work is not easy, but it is definitely worth the sacrifice for me. Is it worth the sacrifice for you? I have sacrificed my time, talents, and lifestyle to him; will you join me in this kingdom work and sacrifice your money?

Please prayerfully consider partnering with not only me, but with Foundation for Peace and with Haiti. As usual, please keep praying as well! I am a weak man and am subject to much temptation as we all are. Lately I haven’t been as defiant to it as I need to be. Pray that I would actively seek out righteousness and purity as I minister here.

Mwen renmen nou,

Bondye beni nou.

I love you all,

God bless.


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