My last few days

We had four American nurses working with us from the 3rd-10th doing clinics and working at the newly made hospital of Bon Repo that sits under Canaan (for anyone who has been here and knows where the city of Canaan is). There were quite a few surprises this past week, some good and others bad. These nurses all came by themselves and didn’t know the other three, so props to them! For some of them it was their first time to Haiti and to do it alone is courageous especially when you don’t know the rest of your team once you get in country! It really was a blessing to have these amazing ladies here for a week, I feel like we got so much done in such a short amount of time.

When we set up the clinics, we worked with two Haitian Doctors, Doctor Marc and Doctor Vava. I have known Vava as he has worked extensively with FFP in the past so it was awesome to see him again! He is a dentist and brought all his gear to each clinic and pulled teeth left and right. It was a blessing to have him with us for sure, as quality dental care is scarce in Haiti. Doctor Marc saw patients just like the nurses but it was good to have his knowledge and answers whenever our nurses had questions about dosages and medications. We did clinics in Kwa Kok, Jaquet, Miracle Village and the orphanage we sell water too in Ganthier. They worked one day at the hospital shadowing a doctor and examining pregnant and other patients in the gynecology room. They enjoyed the experience and compared and contrasted the similarities and differences of hospitals in the states to Haitian hospitals. A few of the clinics got off to a late start but these ladies and our Haitian staff translators worked so hard! We saw at least 100-150 patients a day!

We ran into some tough cases; three stick out in my mind. There was a two-year-old boy who had extensive burns on the whole of one of his arms. He had apparently stuck his whole arm and hand into a boiling pot of rice and was suffering badly. Thank God it had only been two days prior and so infection had not yet taken in. The nurses cleaned the wound and applied antibiotic cream and wrapped it well and told the mother to get fresh gauze and wraps ASAP. We can only hope and pray that she does, because leaving the skin unwrapped will surely cause infection. The second case was a boy in Jaquet who couldn’t have been older than six, and he had a lymph node that was so huge that it had actually broken through the skin and was a two-inch high ball above his collar bone. He was in visible pain. He also had many bumps in his stomach area as the nurses felt around looking for cancer. The diagnosis was that he has Lymphoma.. It was so sad to hear that such a young boy is suffering in this way. He was sent to the hospital where i’m not sure if they had surgery on his lymph node or not. Please pray for him and his family, I can’t remember his name. The last case was a miracle. We were in Kwa Kok and a mother brought her young baby in to see what was wrong with him. I wasn’t around so I didn’t actually see this happen but the baby was barely breathing and was instantly rushed to the hospital where they put him on oxygen as soon as he arrived. The doctor who saw him said that if he had gone for another hour or so, he could have very well been dead. We were amazed that God had placed us at just the right place and just the right time in order to save this little baby. He cares for each of His children!! What an amazing little miracle that was.

A couple of other good things to note, I’m returning in three days!!! I am so excited! I also started mixing my own beard oil! It is an interesting process getting recipes down and tinkering with amounts and mixes and smells. It’s fun. For those of you who have a beard or enjoy beards, you hopefully know what it means to take good care of your God-given face forest. This is just one of the many ways 🙂 The staff is taking a day off tomorrow and going to the beach together! I look forward to spending this quality time with my brothers and sister here before I leave. The place is called Wahoo Bay and its really nice. I haven’t been in about three years so i’m looking forward to returning for a nice relaxing day by the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. Wednesday we are doing a water distribution in La Hatte Koten with the emergency portable water system we have. We did one earlier last month with much success, so it’s time we broke it out and used it again, after all it is a beautiful system.

Thank you all for continuing to support me both prayerfully and financially. Myself and Haiti have been blessed by your generosity and support. If you haven’t yet donated or would like to donate again, please visit and look for my name under the options in the “Donate” tab. I still need quite a bit of support per month! I have about $1000 per month being currently donated and my goal is $1,700 per month. If you cannot financially support every month, a small one-time donation still helps! Please prayerfully consider sowing into my ministry, and God’s international mission here in Haiti.

Mesi anpil tout moun, Bondye beni nou.

Thank you so much everyone, God bless you.



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