A Plethora of Hugs

The countdown has begun for yer boy returning to the US for a couple weeks! I couldn’t be more excited! I will be in the Princeton from the 15th-3rd of Jan. As the time has drawn closer, I find myself yearning to return more and more. When I stop to think about what I have left behind in the States, I am aware of the immense blessings God has showered on me back home.

Let me brag on my family for a lil bit. For those who don’t know my parents, your loss! I was and still am blessed over and over again for the way my parents raised me and continue to direct and offer counsel and advise me to this day. I have met few people who are more loving then my parents. Those of you who know them know what I am talking about. From an early age I was taught through their actions that love is of utmost importance. Over the decades, our house has been a home and refuge to countless people. As I have grown older, they have done an exceptional job of shaping the man I am today. Every good characteristic I have I can attribute to God through them. My dad has been an amazing leader and role model; showing integrity in all he does and solving problems with a level head. He has played a pivotal role in the ways I lead today. I have never met a woman who is more dedicated to what God has placed before her than my mom. Her soft grace (no pun indented) coupled with quiet but no-nonsense leadership in areas of her life has been a privilege to grow up with and alongside. This has taught me so much as well. I love them both dearly.

As for the rest of my family, well they are amazing too, if that wasn’t obvious. I don’t want to write a book and go through each and every person in my family and describe how they affect me and what they mean to me along with my amazing friends.. so i’ll stop it at my parents. They are truly a grace to me. I don’t deserve to have been raised in the blessed environment that I was. I know that many people have not been as blessed in that area as me and my brothers. God has indeed been good to me (us).

That being said, I dearly miss those whom I can humbly call loved ones back in the States. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all when I return! TRUST ME, there will be a plethora of hugs! (I’m a hugger.) There is nothing quite like a nice long hug between two people. It’s something that speaks to me on a spiritual level and I think that is why I absolutely enjoy it so much.

We have one last group before my time to leave arrives; a nursing group that is coming tomorrow. There were originally ten or so people supposed to come but for reasons out of their control, only 4 are coming. We are planning on doing five different clinics in total in different communities. For those who remember, last nursing group I played pharmacist and that role has been placed upon me again. So I expect it to be a crazy time haha.. Please pray that we can work efficiently and serve as many people as possible. There is such a great need for healthcare here in Haiti as you may imagine, so when nursing groups come we definitely put them to good work! They will leave on the tenth and then five days later I return to the states!

I am prepared to be cold at almost all times haha.

Love you guys, thanks again for everyone who is supporting me both financially and as prayer warriors. I couldn’t be doing this without you. As always, if you’d like to assist my ministry here in Haiti, please head on over to http://www.foundationforpeace.org and click the “donate” tab. You will find my name under the option to donate towards in-country staff.

Bondye beni nou!

God bless you all


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