A few days of training

The directors of Foundation for Peace, Ken Culver and Wendy Patchin entered the country on Wednesday for a couple days of staff training and work/ visiting Jaquet and Men nan Men.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent in meetings both with the whole staff and then individually. It was an awesome time of team brainstorming and vision planning for the future of FFP. As a team, we had to think of things/situations/areas of the organization that were strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Each section had its own area where, as we thought of these things, we would fill in our ideas. At the end we had a great list for each of the topics. It was eye opening for us to actually spend a few hours thinking about such things for the organization; none of us had done anything like this before. I personally was encouraged to see that the self-perceived strengths of our organization were more than our weaknesses, and we had a bunch of opportunities written on the board that we will meet around again in the future to determine which are the priorities for the next five years as we move forward. The possibilities are awesome! I am excited to move forward with some of these opportunities in the near future. The whole training experience was a blessing as Ken and Wendy took time ON THANKSGIVING to be with us instead of their families. God has definitely blessed us with their knowledge and I know he is blessing them for their time and efforts to continue helping Haiti.

Yesterday was spent working on the wall of the school in Jaquet because they wanted to come and see how it was progressing and actually help out for a day. I wish I had taken a photo.. but the blocks have been placed for about 80% of the outer wall! When the rest are laid, Hernery and his workers will pour the columns and then cap the wall off with a solid beam on top. We also tore down the walls of the one school building that was just falling apart. We decided that as an organization we need to do good work that will last and so rebuilding two of the classroom walls would not be enough as the rest of the building could just fall down around them. The destruction of the walls was quick and relatively easy because the blocks were so old and falling apart that sections of the wall were simply pushed down by several people.

Today Ken and Wendy visited the Men nan Men school and spoke to several of the classes. They then headed to Port-au-Prince where they bought several items of importance to the ministry. We got a deep freeze for this house and also a washing machine! You have no idea how excited yer boy is for this machine. I have a hard time hand washing and it takes me sooo long.. so this machine will help especially when we have back-to-back groups like in the spring and summer and I won’t have time to wash anything. Mama Chung is also super happy about it because it will help her greatly as she washes all the sheets of the group members that stay in the house. We said Mesi Jezi!! She is also very happy with the deep freeze as it will keep drinks and ice much longer than the small freezer we have built in to the refrigerator. There were other items bought that we needed but those two were the biggest and best (in my opinion).

Tomorrow they are leaving early because their flight is at 10 to return to the states. The Haitian government was going to release the name of the presidential candidate winner tomorrow but it has been pushed back to Monday. So, Monday we won’t be going anywhere. Pastor said he’s not even going to take his daughter to school.

Please continue to pray for peace in Haiti around this election time specifically. We hope that the unrest will be minimal but again, it is impossible to say until the day comes. THANK YOU ALL who have been praying with me for Haiti and also for my ministry and protection and blessing here. I have been sick several times mostly with stomach issues but that is to be expected because my body hasn’t built up resistance to the bacteria and viruses that live here. I am grateful to be in relatively good health!

If you are interested in partnering with my ministry here in Haiti either as a one time sum or as a monthly donation, please go to http://www.foundationforpeace.org and hit the “donate” button. You should find my name under specific donations to staff in country. If you choose to do so, please email me at henbenrie@gmail.com and let me know how much and if it is recurring so that I can keep track of how much I still need.

Thank you everyone and I look forward to seeing those of you I can when I return in December! I am returning in less than a month (15th)!!

Bondye Beni nou!

God bless you all,




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