Election Unrest

So tomorrow is the Haitian Presidential elections. We won’t be going to church, pastor is having church at his house and we (Mama Chung, Wesley and I) will be having church here at the rental house. I’ve never been in Haiti when there are presidential elections but pastor told me today that “you’ve never seen anything like election riots in Haiti.”

That being said, he advised me to not leave the house for anything at any time over the next couple of days. We will wait and see how things are going and decide when we will return to work. It might be just one day, it might be a week; there is no real way to tell. We have stocked up on diesel for the generator in case we don’t have power, non-perishable food, and charcoal to cook with in case we run out of gas.

I have been near several road demonstrations before so I know they can get ugly really fast, but this could be much worse. Please pray for peace for Haiti in this time. Haiti needs to stand together, the country has already been wreaked by the hurricane and the last thing they need is a divided people. Please pray for peace over Haiti.

Please also pray for protection of Pastor V and his family/household and protection for us here. Please also pray for protection of the other FFP staff in their respective areas. Again, please pray for the Peace that passes all understanding to permeate the hearts and minds of Haiti tomorrow and the rest of this week.


There were several riots and a group of people set fire to an outside market on Sunday night. But there wasn’t a bunch of unrest, today we have business as usual. Pastor V told me that because the votes are hand counted, it will take a long time and when the results come out that’s when people will riot and be angry. So sometime in the next week the results will come out and people might riot. So please continue to pray for peace over Haiti.

Mesi, Bondye beni nou.

Thank you, God bless you all

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