What a week!


Every day started with a community prayer!

This past seven days have been a whirlwind of work and fun and sweat and fellowship. We had a group of ten people come and work on rebuilding and repairing parts of a school in an area named Jaquet which was damaged by the floods of Hurricane Matthew. This is the first time we have worked in this area! Their outer courtyard wall was almost completely destroyed and walls of classrooms were gone. Needless to say, this school was in dire need of assistance. They could only hold three of their five classes each day because two classrooms were unusable. The security of the school was also at risk because the outer walls had fallen down and so if they chose to, anyone could just walk right up to the children while they were out for recess.

We started out on Monday digging the trenches for the foundations for the outer wall of the courtyard. If any of you know what it’s like to dig in Haiti then you know it is back breaking work. We finished digging the whole thing after three days! The most encouraging thing we witnessed was the townspeople day after day coming to help us dig, pass buckets, mix concrete, pass rocks and so on. It really was a community effort! It was so encouraging to see Haitians and Americans working hand in hand for the advancement of the Haitian people and ultimately for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. As each day passed we saw more and more townspeople coming to help us work. Many of the group started developing friendships with the workers and kids as they laughed and worked together. It was such a beautiful thing to behold! Names were learned and hugs and fist bumps were swapped, people started opening up and talking to us as they saw our hearts for the Gospel and our hearts for them.

We completed the whole foundation for the wall (which included one of the walls for one of the classrooms) in five days. After we dug the deep and wide ditches for the foundation, we threw big rocks in along with concrete to hold them together. This is the composition of most of the foundations made in Haiti, and they build the walls on top of it. The way that the team worked tirelessly was personally amazing. The average age of the team was probably 35 and the work that they accomplished in 5 short days was so much! All of the FFP staff were encouraged by the hard work that was put forth. This team was truly in it to win it, as they say. It’s refreshing when people know how to laugh while being serious about getting things done.

The work in Jaquet isn’t done yet but FFP is continuing to build so that they can hold all of their classes as soon as possible. If you would like to donate to this project specifically, or to anything else, please visit http://www.foundationforpeace.org and hit the donate tab. You can specify school in Jaquet or Hurricane relief work in the space provided. Thank you all for your continued support of FFP and of myself here in Haiti. Many of you are supporting me every month and I especially want to thank you all for your sacrifices; they are what is keeping me here.

I still am down about $680 per month but because of one time gifts that can supplement the monthly donations, I am set for the next 6 months currently. If you feel called to support my ministry here you can also visit the FFP website above and you can find my name on the donation page. Thank you all for your prayers and monetary donations!

God bless, Bondye benni nou

Ben Henrie

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