Yesterday we went to Kwa Kok and the surrounding area and distributed rice, beans, and oil to the families there. Many of them were effected by the water and mud damage from the hurricane. We successfully passed out about 1,100 lbs of rice and 500 lbs of beans! I couldn’t tell you how many families we gave to, probably over 150. It was a small gesture as it isn’t sustainable help, but it was a gesture none the less. FFP is here on the ground assisting in small but meaningful ways, helping one family at a time get back on their feet.

I carried bags of rice on my shoulders for the better part of the distribution and am definitely sore today. It’s a miracle that I’m not super sun-burnt! I don’t know how that happened. Anyway, the work was hard, we all sweat through our shirts multiple times, but the work was satisfying. I know that God has a heart for his people and so we should to. I am blessed to have been able to help the Haitian people in this small way. As we got back home, pastor reminded me that God doesn’t make mistakes. I am here for a reason. God knew that this hurricane would come and he put me here in his perfect time; right before it hit. Yesterday was physically draining but my spirit is joyful because I know that this is what i’m supposed to be doing, what a blessing to know!

Thank you all for your continued prayer and financial support of my work here in Haiti; or i should say God’s work through me in Haiti. I felt very loved as many people reached out to me during hurricane Matthew and expressed their concern for my safety. Thank you all!

Foundation for Peace is still trying to raise as much support as possible to help in the aftermath of the hurricane. Please give generously as you are able (without taking away from previous commitments). You can go to http://www.foundationforpeace.org and donate online.

If you are also interested in supporting my position here with FFP, I still need more monthly support! You can also go to http://www.foundationforpeace.org and find me under the options for where to donate.

Bondye beni nou! (God bless you all!)

One thought on “Distribution

  1. Hey Ben,
    You continue to be in our thoughts & prayers as your journey has taken you beyond what you thought. What a blessing you are there in the place God has called you. If you hadn’t heard yet,Kimberly got her massage therapy license. She’s been waiting to hear the news so we are so thrilled to know she passes. This means she doesn’t need to have someone watching over her shoulder when she gives massages. She’s staying at the clinic she’s been in since summer hoping for more clients.
    Uncle Jim & I are busy working-him at the christian school part-time & me at daycare 3 days a week, & the other 2 days spending fun time with Jude!
    We love you & pray for abundant blessings from the Lord today!
    Uncle Jim & Aunt Patti


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