The riches of the poor

Pastor V, Dessalines, Ero and myself went to assess the church in Kwa Kok today and our friends in Ganthier. To make a long story short, Ganthier was not effected much by the flooding, nap di mesi Jezi! (We say thank you Jesus)

Kwa Kok is a different story. The church building itself is fine, but as we walked through the water and mud into the village itself we saw houses with floors completely washed away and possessions ruined by water and mud. Many of the people in Kwa Kok live in metal and wood shacks or stick huts with hardened mud on the outside. Several own concrete houses but the larger part aren’t so fortunate. Naturally, the houses that aren’t made of concrete don’t have a floor and since they are on ground level the water just washed right through, leaving a mucky mess behind. As we walked from house to house, we worshiped and prayed with some of the church congregants. The Spirit of the Lord was so evident! I watched in amazement as pastor and Dessalines cracked jokes and conversed with old and young alike as they passed out snacks. I kept thinking to myself, “if this happened in the US, people would lose their… you know what. Yet I stand here and these people are so full of joy.” I was amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit. I was inspired by the faith of these people.

Please continue to pray for Haiti, especially the south-western parts where whole cities have been washed away. Pastor heard today that his family’s house was destroyed but none were hurt. There is widespread destruction down south and a plan is in effect for some of the FFP staff to travel to Port-Salut (where pastor’s family is) and help out in any way we can. I hope to be chosen as one of the people who go. This is what God has called me to do and I plan on doing it with all my power.

If you’d like to donate to FFP as we do everything we can with what we have to help those in need, please visit and click the donate tab. You can specify where/what you want your donation to go towards.

Today I saw people who the world labels as “poor,” richer than Donald Trump himself. And these are riches that cannot be taken away.

More updates to follow

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