It’s a good day to sweat

So today is the fourth day I’ve been in Haiti. Yesterday pastor and I went into PAP to the Digicel headquarters and got a sim card for my phone so I can have a Haitian number, among running other errands. After a couple of emails and several attempts to make it work, we got it up and running. I still don’t have a data plan but will discuss that with pastor tomorrow. If you want to know my number for whatsapp or whatever else, message me via FB and I can give it to you.

I’ve been told that Fridays are my official “day off” from work (not that I’ve done any yet), so today has been a stay-at-home day. I have had the time and desire to strengthen my quiet time in the mornings the last few days and have enjoyed that immensely. I am currently also reading a book called The Disciplines of a Godly Man by Kent Hughes. I love it! I am one that needs spiritual disciplines because I don’t do a good job of maintaining them myself. The first chapter is on the discipline of purity and anyone that knows me really well knows that over the years that is something I’ve struggled with. God knows I need this book and funny thing is it’s the only one that I brought with me. I also borrowed Radical from the Men nan Men school library and plan on reading that through as well.

Ero and I decided to find things around the house(s) to use to work out this morning and created weights out of cement blocks. We used the holes that are built into them and put them on the end of a preacher bar that we found here and it worked surprisingly well! There are many different lifts we can use with such a simple bar and weights and I must say, it felt great. As some of you know, I injured my back a month or so ago deadlifting, and haven’t lifted since then so this was a nice way to break my body back in to physical stress. Being that Haiti is so hot, you don’t have to work out as hard either to get the same caloric burn as in the states! *fist pump* I’m trying to lose some extra weight..

I have the privilege of leading our small bible study tonight again (my nights are Wednesdays and Fridays) and am looking forward to it. It’s been a good nightly reminder of things like the character of Christ, the promises that God has laid out in his Word, and the reminder that our sin is real but forgiven. I cherish the 20-30 minutes each night we put aside to sing worship songs and remind each other of such beautiful things. SO if you are reading this, please remember to pray for ya boy cus I am weak and in need of grace. ALSO please tell everyone about this blog! Spread the word!! This will be my main source of updating my supporters. If you know someone who knows me and you don’t know if they have heard about this, please email them the link or just tell em.

God bless fam

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