Day #2

Wednesday, September 28

Today is my second day of my two year commitment to Haiti with FFP. Yesterday was admittedly very hard for me emotionally. I found myself last night with a heavy heart and tearful eyes as I thought about and missed my loved ones back home. My living situation has somewhat to do with why I felt so sad and lonely, I am living with two other people in a house. I assumed that I’d be with more people and this contributed to my feelings of loneliness and sadness. I hadn’t felt anything like that before and as I poured my heart out to a friend she reminded me that it is a blessing to have people whom I love so much. All that being said, God used two close friends to encourage me and as we (the two others living with me; Ero and Mama Chung, and I) had a mini bible study and prayer time I felt the sadness lift. Praise the God of all comfort and he who is with me at all times!


Today I had a meeting with Pastor V about my position in FFP and my duties and schedule. It was encouraging and humbling as he explained to me that I am a valuable part of FFP in Haiti and that I have a bunch of responsibilities and tasks before me. He only gave me two to start out with because he didn’t want to overwhelm me. They are more or less house cleaning responsibilities on all three properties that FFP owns (Men nan Men school, rental house, and guest house.) This surprised me in a good way because I wasn’t expecting duties such as taking inventory of tools and supplies at the depot and making a punch list of cleaning and repairing FFP assets. This will break me into administrative work (which I am terrible at) as well as utilize my cleaning and repairing experience from my janitorial job at Stone Hill. Funny how God works like that huh? Anyway, today I felt much more at ease being here, thank you Lord! I got to see some of my friends and was encouraged at what they have accomplished since I lived here in 2013. I am excited to move forward in this position and see how God uses me for the benefit of FFP, Ganthier, and Haiti as a whole. Pastor has some amazing ideas he wants to implement while i’m here and I am grateful that he has confidence in me to bring me alongside him and be the leader that God wants me to be.


Please pray that I would continue with confidence the race that God has set before me. Please also pray that I would finish adjusting quickly and that I wouldn’t be burdened by sadness or loneliness. Praise God that I am in good health!

3 thoughts on “Day #2

  1. Ben: I am excited to be able to follow your adventures in Haiti. I lived in Haiti for six months when I was in my 20s…a long time ago. I was in Vallee de Plaisance, north of Aux Cayes. You have come a long way from the little boy I knew in Awana!


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